Tohoku Wakuaku Marche

※Products differ according to the event.

At Tohoku Waku Waku Marche,
we are building a deep, strong connection
between Tohoku and Kansai.

Tohoku Wakuaku Marche connects Tohoku with Kansai and
with the whole country through department store events,
in-house sales for businesses, and sales at events.

Waku Waku Marche Timeline

Year 1 (2013)
2 years after the devastating earthquake.
The “Recovery Food Village” opened in front of the JR Osaka station to showcase the food products and sake that were somehow revived by restaurant owners and fishermen whose boats and shops were washed away by the tsunami.
Year 2(2014)
Development efforts continued with linking the producers in Tohoku with Kansai department stores, trading companies and restaurant chains through facilitating inspections and business negotiation tours, and through setting up showrooms (like at Shibatacho) in order to develop repeat customers.
Year 3 (2015)
Tohoku showroom store and local sake bar “Kaleidoscope” opened inside the JR Osaka station.
And from then, continuing the relationship, a large number of department stores in Osaka, Hakata and Nagoya displayed Tohoku products for sale in their stores.
Going Forward (2016~)
We will continue to enthusiastically promote the “Tohoku and Kansai Connection” through activities like department store events, corporate direct sales, and booths at events around the country.

Next is a department store event in your area!!
We look forward to the chance to meet you!!

Local sake bar “Tohoku”

Local sake bar “Tohoku”

Local Sake BAR "Tohoku," started in 2015
Featuring an outstanding selection of sakes and side dishes from over 20 breweries located in the six prefectures of Tohoku!!
Enjoy a sample tasting set of three sakes & three side dishes that can't be found outside the Tohoku region!

Products differ according to the event.